Data Services

Digital products by T3 Sixty

T3 Tech Marketplace

T3 Sixty’s technology marketplace, a comprehensive view of the industry’s technology offerings

T3 Sixty’s online T3 Tech Marketplace provides a comprehensive view of the residential real estate brokerage industry’s technology offerings with a catalogue of nearly 1,000 tech products organized in over 80 categories. It allows leaders, executives and agents to compare and contrast solutions, and review, organize and track their technology stack. For tech companies, the marketplace provides a place to demonstrate their products, attract customers and share the latest about their products.
T3 Home Demand Index

The T3 Sixty Home Demand Index tracks the interest and activity of homebuyers and housing demand in specific markets

T3 Sixty’s T3 Home Demand Index the interest levels and activity of homebuyers and represents housing demand in a specific metros and counties. The monthly index determines demand using a variety of MLS data, including real estate professional viewings of listings, consumer showing reservations, home-access software and third-party web traffic. The index has launched in the Mid-Atlantic region in partnership with the nation’s second-largest MLS, Bright MLS, and will expand to other regions.
T3 Intel

T3 Sixty’s online market intelligence database

T3 Sixty offers all of its current and past research and reports – the Swanepoel Trends Report, the Real Estate Almanac and more – to executives through T3 Intel, an online market intelligence database. Executives can access all of T3 Sixty’s research from wherever they are.