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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

T3 Sixty exclusively serves the residential real estate brokerage industry, with seven distinct business units, each headed by a full-time, dedicated and experienced leader. Collectively, members of the T3 Sixty leadership team have over 200 years of industry experience and have held many tens of C-suite positions. We operate as one collective solution, offering advice, insight and guidance in all facets of our clients’ businesses – strategy, operations, profitability, technology, innovation, expansion and talent acquisition.

Our extensive relationships extend to every significant company in the industry, while our deep industry understanding allows us to move fast and with certainty. We have provided solutions to countless brokerages and high-growth teams, the world’s largest real estate franchisors, MLSs and Realtor associations in almost every state, and worked with hundreds of technology companies, innovators and entrepreneurs. Overall, our clients account for hundreds of billions of dollars in sales volume per year. Whether defending their market share or entering a new marketplace, clients trust our experience and rely on our unbiased approach.

T3 Sixty Business Units

  • Brokerage and Team Consulting - The brokerage and team consulting business unit is dedicated to helping leaders make good decisions about their business, form powerful strategies, and execute with their team. Various engagements and programs allow leaders to engage with T3 Sixty and quickly add decades of executive experience and research-backed methods.

  • Technology Consulting - The technology consulting business unit works at the intersection of technology and the brokerage industry, advising technology companies on how to create better products for the industry and also advising brokerages, teams and MLSs on how to take advantage of the technology in real estate today.

  • Data, Research and Publications - T3 Sixty’s research practice has published over 56 titles (books, studies, and reports) covering every facet of the industry in the past three decades. The Swanepoel Trends Report is likely the most-awarded title in the industry, having won Gold a Gold award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors and both Silver and Bronze from the Axiom business book awards. Other well-known titles include the DANGER Report, the SP 200, and the Real Estate Almanac. The Research and Publications business unit supports clients and our team with their high-quality and timely research.

  • Executive Search (Talent) - The T3 Talent business unit assists companies seeking talented executives essential to growing their team. Through an in-depth process, deep operational experience in the real estate brokerage industry, and an extraordinary database of executives, T3 Talent speeds up. It simplifies hiring in a competitive and fast-paced environment.

  • Organized Real Estate Consulting - Specializing in the Association and MLS industry, T3 Sixty’s organized real estate consulting provides objective assessments, strategic planning, and project management capabilities for the largest and most challenging projects in organized real estate, including mergers, data sharing, governance, and organizational change management.

  • Event Management - The T3 Events Group is a full-service event consulting and management business unit. T3 Events group plans and executes events from small meetings to large, multi-day conferences with thousands of attendees. Hotel and site selection, event strategy and design, speakers, A/V, branding and design, incentive travel programs – no task is too big or small for the T3 Events Group.

  • T3 Summits - T3 Sixty’s annual events, the T3 Summits, are a collection of three executive-level, thought leadership-focused events. The first and most well-known, the T3 Leadership Summit, is an invitation-only event for Industry executives and thought leaders. The second, the T3 Technology Summit, explores immersive experiences and technology pitches, while the third explores new horizons for the MLSs, in the T3 MLS Summit.

Our Commitments

T3 Sixty is dedicated to objectivity and fair-mindedness, and we thrive on fact and reasoning. We are devoted to honesty and confidentiality with our clients and the industry. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry and improving representation at all levels in the industry’s leadership. We are steadfast in our commitment to the residential real estate brokerage industry; most of our team members have worked in the industry for most of their professional lives and have no plans of ever leaving. We see ourselves as the custodians of research and the lighthouse for navigating important decisions.

Disclosure: Real Estate News, our sister news and media company, shares Stefan Swanepoel as a founder and Executive Chairman. Real Estate News operates independently of T3 Sixty and has its own management team and strict editorial standards. Both T3 Sixty and Real Estate News share similar core values of objectivity, accuracy and fairness.