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Integrate the foremost technology for your growing business.

How T3 Technology works

How T3 Technology works

Select the right tech platform and vendors and incentivize agents and employees to leverage existing systems. At T3 Technology, our sole goal is to put in place the best technology for your business.

Work with T3 Technology to:

Work with T3 Technology to:

  1. Evaluate your current technology

  2. Save money without losing capability

  3. Increase staff and agent productivity

  4. Boost technology adoption

  5. Build a tech-forward future

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T3 Marquee Learning Environments


T3 Sixty offers end-to-end technology services including tech assessments and audits, systems design and more.

Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment

Complete a scan of your technology for potential problems, opportunities, and cost savings.

Technology Initiative

Technology Initiative

Plan and execute a specific technology initiative, such as a vendor selection, back-office integration or website.

Technology Audit and Plan

Technology Audit and Plan

Get recommendations for how to improve your tech stack and bolster productivity, profitability and adoption over the long-term.

T3 Marquee

T3 Marquee

Join a non-competing, professional development group of brokers and teams focused on building stronger brokerage tech stacks.

T3  Technology Insider

T3 Technology Insider

For Tech Companies: Develop a comprehensive plan for attracting and winning over your ideal client targets.


Build a Better Tech Stack

Build a Better Tech Stack


Travis Saxton

Executive Vice President, Technology

Travis leads T3 Sixty’s technology business unit, including the T3 Insider program, an enterprise growth and coaching program for technology companies and the annual T3 Tech Summit conference.


Prem Luthra

SVP of Technology Corporate Development and M&A Services

Prem leads T3 Sixty’s technology M&A practice and works with buy-and sell-side clients to facilitate mutually beneficial transactions. Prem has nearly three decades of experience with M&A, corporate strategy and business development in the PropTech and FinTech verticals.


Michael Phelan

Vice President, Marketing and Technology Consulting

Michael offers pragmatic and valuable insight into how brokerage firms can tailor their offerings, brand messaging, and positioning for maximum resonance with the agents. Michael oversaw advertising, brand development, marketing, and technology strategy for one of the top 200 brokerage firms in the U.S.


Andrew Reel

Director of Project Management for Brokerage Technology

Andrew oversees T3 Sixty’s project management for large scale implementations and rollouts for strategic clients. Andrew spent 15 years in senior marketing positions within a real estate brokerage and began his career in management consulting at a leading national consulting firm.


Derek Taylor

Director of Technology Implementation and Operations

Derek supports the T3 Sixty Technology Consulting business unit and works directly with clients to create more efficient and profitable solutions and processes with technology. Derek's track record includes management of billions of dollars in real estate sales and development of thousands of agents capable of meeting the demands of this fast-evolving, dynamic industry.

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