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Featured Sessions

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Navigating the Evolution of Real Estate Compensation

This presentation looks at the impending transformations for organized real estate’s longstanding value proposition and potential impacts on strategic and business preparedness and planning. MLSs and Associations will learn proactive strategies for strategic planning, financial preparation, policies and procedure alterations and more.

Speakers: Clint Skutchan


Adapting to Shifting Compensation for Buyer Agency

The intense legal and regulatory scrutiny on the residential real estate brokerage industry’s compensation structure has hit a critical point. It is imperative for brokers to begin proactively adapting to the shift. This session provides practical insights for leaders and agents on the buyer brokerage side of their business, enabling them to explain their value proposition, mitigate risks, and even increase profitability.

Speakers: Dean Cottrill, Lisa Piccardo

Top Speaking Sessions

Top Speaking Sessions


Compensation Lawsuits and Impact to the Residential Brokerage Industry

Deeply researched and analyzed, this session offers a succinct and strategic overview of the current compensation lawsuits facing the residential real estate brokerage industry. Explore key issues, various potential outcomes, and learn how to prepare contingency plans for each scenario.

Speakers: Jack Miller, Paul Hagey


Annual Trends Keynote

This keynote address covers four to five of the top trends impacting the residential real estate brokerage industry, as analyzed in T3 Sixty’s flagship annual publication, The Swanepoel Trends Report. Trends can be selected and refined for specific audiences and purposes. To see a list of current Trends topics, visit https://www.t3trends.com/

Speakers: Jack Miller


Strategies for Successful Regionalization

Explore the dynamic landscape of regionalization in the MLS and Association realm. Learn how collaboration, connectivity and innovative thinking are shaping the future of organized real estate. Discover practical strategies for evaluating opportunities, building relationships and achieving seamless regionalization, all while maintaining local voices and identities.

Speaker: Clint Skutchan

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The Real Estate Technology Landscape

This session is a fast-paced overview of the entire technology landscape in real estate from the consumer’s perspective. Key technologies in the customer journey, such as top-of-funnel advertising, middle-of-funnel CRM, and agent tools to bottom-of-funnel closing, and back office describe the entire real estate lifecycle.

Speakers: Travis Saxton, Michael Phelan

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Agent Archetypes – Mastering the Four Ways Agents Make Money

Agents can make money through just four fundamental funnels: Networking, prospecting, converting leads, and marketing. By understanding the skills, practices, and tools needed for each of these four archetypes, leaders can recruit, train and retain their agents more successfully. Available also as a workshop.

Speakers: Dean Cottrill, Lisa Piccardo


Competitive Assessment on New Business Models

Tailored for leaders within traditional brokerage companies, we provide an assessment of new business models. This session explores the trends, models and strategies that are revolutionizing the industry equipping leaders with the insights needed to refine value proposition, boost recruitment efforts, and enhance retention rates positioning their brokerage for success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Speakers: Dean Cottrill, Lisa Piccardo

LeadingRE2023-1234-CreditAJ Canaria

50 Years of Change in the Residential Real Estate Industry

This keynote, first delivered at the exclusive 2023 T3 Leadership Summit, covers how brokerages, franchises, associations, MLSs, and technology have evolved and shifted over the last 50 years. With a focus on the patterns that keep repeating and an eye on the future, this session offers tangible, strategic takeaways for leaders across the industry.

Speakers: Jack Miller

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10 Steps to a High-Growth Business

The core of T3 Sixty’s consulting practice is our modular approach, which includes foundational, growth and scaling steps. Learn this playbook from the team who mastered and developed it, so you can — with or without us — create a business plan rooted in reality and poised to deliver measurable growth, deeper accountability and higher levels of success.

Speakers: Dean Cottrill, Lisa Piccardo


Realities, Trends and Movements in Organized Real Estate

A deep dive into the dynamic landscape of organized real estate, explaining the intricacies of Associations and MLSs across the nation. This presentation also spotlights emerging movements of leading organizations – crucial indicators of business strategies that will influence best practices in the coming years.

Speaker: Clint Skutchan

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Three Recruiting Strategies

Leaders learn how to develop a recruiting strategy that stems directly from theorganization’s strengths and value proposition. This session begins with gap analysis and goal setting, and dives into targeting the right target audience forthe organization. Lastly, leaders will learn how to create and implement a systemized recruiting process. Available also as a workshop.

Speakers: Dean Cottrill, Lisa Piccardo

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7 Key Areas of Profitability

With tightening margins and slowing volume, leaders must relentlessly scrutinize their key metrics and find ways to make small tweaks with big impacts to their top-and bottom lines. Brokerage and team leaders learn how to analyze and optimize agent net gain and churn, production, expenses, commission rates, and more. Available also as a workshop.

Speakers: Dean Cottrill, Lisa Piccardo

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T3 Sixty speakers

T3 Sixty speakers


Dean Cottrill, EVP, Brokerage

Dean leads the Brokerage and Team Consulting Business Unit of T3 Sixty, conducting C-Level custom consulting for large brokerages and overseeing the T3 Fellows program. Dean has over 20 years of experience helping brokers and their companies reach higher levels of success and profitability. He has hands- on leadership experience and having held several senior-level positions with real estate brokerage organizations including Long & Foster, Weichert Realtors and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (NRT), where he spent the last 10 years of his career. As Group President at CB, he oversaw 66 sales offices and 4,000+ associates that generated more than $10 billion in annual sales volume.

Paul Hagey

Paul Hagey, Executive Vice President, Publications; Editor-in-Chief

As Editor-in-Chief, Paul is responsible for all T3 Sixty publications, including the firm’s hallmark report, the Swanepoel Trends Report, an annual analysis of the top trends shaping the residential real estate brokerage industry, as well as the Real Estate Almanac, the industry most extensive compendium of data. Before joining T3 Sixty, Paul was a reporter at Inman News and freelanced for a wide range of publications, including Texas Monthly, Missouri Conservationist, and Comstock’s Magazine. He holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism.


Jack Miller, President and CEO, T3 Sixty

As the President and CEO of T3 Sixty, Jack coordinates key client relationships and manages T3 Sixty’s management consulting team. He has nearly two decades in the real estate brokerage industry, and he has held management and executive roles in real estate franchising, franchise ownership, brokerages and management consulting organizations. Jack’s formal education is in electrical and computer engineering and, prior to the real estate industry, he worked in multiple technology startup companies, including as a partner and investor. He is a consistent contributor to the Trends Report, the Real Estate Almanac, as well as various white papers and abstracts on technology.


Michael Phelan, VP, Brokerage Marketing and Technology

Michael brings almost three decades of marketing experience, mostly in real estate, Michael Phelan and the T3 Sixty technology division bring a unique perspective on developing and deploying marketing technology inside top-performing brokerages. Phelan’s operational and marketing expertise lend a unique perspective enabling intelligent change for real estate companies discovering emerging technologies and business solutions. Previously, Phelan served as chief marketing and technology officer for Beverly-Hanks where he oversaw advertising, brand development, marketing, and technology strategy for four different business divisions for Western North Carolina's largest real estate brokerage firm and one of the top 200 brokerage firms in the U.S.


Lisa Piccardo, VP, Brokerage

Lisa is responsible for the delivery and management of brokerage and team consulting programs for the company. She founded, grew, and eventually sold an independent boutique brokerage company. She then served as President & Principal Broker of the company that acquired her brokerage. Prior to joining T3 Sixty she served as global vice president, lead affiliate services for Sotheby’s International Realty where she led the servicing team for the U.S. and Canada and served as a business consultant for affiliates throughout the Mountain West region. She and her team supported approximately 150 independently owned and operated Sotheby’s International Realty companies and 600 offices working closely with the affiliates to develop strategies that focused on growth and profitability, recruiting and retention and brand engagement.


Travis Saxton, EVP, Technology

As EVP of technology at T3 Sixty, Travis works closely with clients to refine, develop and implement their tech strategies. He has nearly two decades of experience consulting in technology, digital marketing and strategy. Travis has authored 10+ industry reports, led a successful technology consulting practice and has spoken at nearly 100 real estate industry events. He served as vice president of technology at REAL Trends before joining the T3 team full-time in 2017.


Clint Skutchan, Senior Vice President, Organized Real Estate

Clint leads T3 Sixty’s Organized Real Estate consulting division and is responsible for all the company’s Realtor association and MLS activities. He has over a decade of real estate industry experience including as CEO of a Realtor association in Colorado.

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