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T3 Sixty celebrates its twenty-fifth year in business, and hosts the 11th Annual T3 Summit in Naples, Florida. T3 Sixty publishes the 5th edition of the Real Estate Almanac, the most comprehensive study of real estate leaders, brokerages, franchises, holding companies, MLSs, Associations and Technology products. In July, T3 Sixty issues a “Letter to the Industry” about buyer brokerage commission lawsuits, urging industry leaders to prepare for changes in buyer brokerage due to possible outcomes of class action lawsuits.


In May, T3 Summit returns as of the first real estate industry in-person leadership conferences post-COVID. Jack Miller is promoted to Chief Executive Officer of T3 Sixty, and retains the title of company President, and Stefan Swanepoel announces his move to Executive Chairman of the T3 Sixty Family of Companies. In October of 2022, T3 Sixty announces the launch of Real Estate News, a sister news and media company dedicated to residential real estate brokerage industry, and appoints industry veteran Mitch Robinson, as the President, and Stephanie Reid-Simons as Executive Editor.


T3 Sixty spins off its growing technology initiatives into a separate company, T3 Data. T3 Intel, an online market intelligence database that gives users access to all of T3 Sixty’s research and reports, and T3 Home Demand Index, a new market-specific housing demand metric, are set for general release. T3 Sixty announces the acquisition of EZ Events, a full- service event design and management company led by Darlene Lyons, and the acquired company is added as a new business unit, the T3 Events Group.


The inaugural Real Estate Almanac is released. Coming in at 450-pages, it is the most comprehensive report of residential real estate brokerage industry data ever released in one collection. During the widespread Covid-19 pandemic, T3 Sixty launches Ask T3, a complimentary management consulting service to help brokerages. NAR commissions T3 Sixty to analyze ways to improve diversity in the residential real estate industry. The popular Swanepoel Trends Report is released digitally and in audio to compliment the annual printed version.


The second printed edition of the Mega 1000 report, which ranks the nation’s 1,000 largest brokerages by sales volume, transaction sides and agent count, adds data and rankings from state Realtors associations, local Realtor associations and MLS organizations. The seventh T3 Summit becomes a landmark event with seven of the industry’s most powerful CEOs on stage in one morning session. The Swanepoel Trends Report wins the best book in real estate award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors. T3 Sixty launches an executive recruiting practice, T3 Talent, to connect great companies in the real estate industry with exceptional leaders.


The 2018 Swanepoel Trends Report receives the Axiom Business Book silver medal for best business reference book. The SP 200, the ranking the real estate industry’s 200 most powerful, marks its fifth year. The first Mega 1000 is released and instantly recognized as a major real estate brokerage ranking report, and the only one that also ranks real estate franchisors and real estate holding companies.


Now a staple of the industry, the T3 Summit celebrates its fifth annual gathering. The T3 Sixty MLS division, focused on the multiple listing service industry, is formed, and T3 Sixty publishes a nationwide study the MLS 2020 Agenda. The National Association of Realtors commissions T3 Sixty to research the commercial real estate industry, which culminates in the Analysis of the Latest Emerging Risks and Trends (ALERT) report. T3 Sixty announces merger and acquisition services for technology companies and brokers.


The DANGER Report receives the Axiom Business Book silver medal for best business commentary. The T3 Sixty technology division, focusing on broker and real estate technology, is formed. The Canadian Real Estate Association commissions T3 Sixty to research a Canadian version of the DANGER Report, which becomes the 30th book or report authored or co-authored by Stefan Swanepoel when it publishes.


The 10th edition of the Swanepoel Trends Report is released and receives the Axiom Business Book bronze medal for best business reference report. The National Association of Realtors commissions T3 Sixty to analyze the residential real estate brokerage industry, which results in the acclaimed DANGER Report. Jack Miller and Tinus Swanepoel become partners in T3 Sixty.


The SP 200, the ranking of the residential real estate brokerage industry’s 200 most powerful leaders, is released for the first time. T3 Fellows, a broker mentorship and mastermind program, is formed. Jack Miller becomes chief technology officer of T3 Sixty.


The first T3 Summit for real estate CEOs and leadership is held. Jack Miller joins the company as lead of the T3 Fellows executive leadership program.


“Surviving Your Serengeti” by Stefan Swanepoel is listed on 22 bestseller lists including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon.


The first Swanepoel Trends Report is published. This annual report goes on to win numerous gold, silver and bronze awards.


“Real Estate Confronts the Future” and “Real Estate Confronts Business Planning” are released. Tinus Swanepoel joins the company as Research Manager.


Real Estate Confronts Customer Acquisition is published.


“Real Estate Confronts Profitability” is released.


“Real Estate Confronts the Banks” is released.


“Real Estate Confronts the e-Consumer” is published. This book lists and analyses the top 75 companies serving the new online consumer digitally.


“Real Estate Confronts Technology” is released.


RealSure Inc., the forerunner to T3 Sixty LLC, is incorporated. “Real Estate Confronts Reality” is published the first report on residential real estate trends by Stefan Swanepoel. The book receives an award from Amazon as one of the best real estate books of the year.