T3 Sixty Leadership Circle

Facilitated, customized mastermind groups where leaders can learn from each other, share best practices, and receive peer feedback and advice.

What T3 Sixty Leadership Circles are:

What T3 Sixty Leadership Circles are:

Every leader can benefit from a trusted network of peers to talk openly about their challenges and opportunities. T3 Leadership Circles are facilitated peer groups, with practices for learning from each other's business in an environment that encourages the best to become even better.

8 Reasons to Join a T3 Sixty Leadership Circle

8 Reasons to Join a T3 Sixty Leadership Circle

  1. As the broker or team leader, you don't have anyone to share your challenges or ideas with.

  2. Your business has been successful so far, but you want to integrate more best practices into your operations.

  3. Competitors are beginning to eat away at your market share, but you're not sure how to react or move forward.

  4. You are overwhelmed by the day-to-day of your business, and wish you could take some time to consider strategic future moves.

  5. You know your costs have gotten too high, but you're not sure where you should or can cut back.

  6. You want to get out of your own head and hear what others are doing in their business.

  7. You aren't sure where you should grow your business, or what key hire you should make next.

  8. You want to hear from people who are in your shoes, and how they moved past setbacks to grow their brokerage or team.

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