Monthly digests, articles and press

Monthly Brief

T3 Sixty’s monthly executive brief providing analysis on the most important trends and developments as well as a quick digest of the most notable news in the industry.

The industry has so many stories, blogs, press releases and announcements each month that we all struggle to digest the information and distinguish between truly meaningful developments and hype or advertisement.

With T3 Insight, T3 Sixty analyzes  developing trends, provides new brokerage industry best practices, and creates new perspectives on recent developments in technology, leadership, and organized real estate, in a monthly executive brief. It helps executives understand how the industry is changing in real time.

Each monthly executive brief also includes a composite of latest news and current articles under the title “What We’re Reading.”

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Individual deep dive topics that T3 Sixty explores as part of the monthly digest

The articles listed here are an alternative view of the composite monthly brief. This offers an easy way to view recent, chronological, articles. 

What We’re Reading

Notable industry articles curated with T3 Sixty’s perspective

T3 Sixty’s commentary on the stories we’re reading each month is included in the monthly brief. The most current stories are listed here.