T3 Brokerage Insider

An invitation-only group for graduates of T3 Fellows and C-Level Consulting programs.

What is T3 Brokerage Insider?

What is T3 Brokerage Insider?

As the continuation program for leaders who have completed T3 Fellows or C-Level consulting, T3 Brokerage Insider allows this unique audience to continue to work with expert advisors, peers, and industry specialists to address the complex problems in their firms.

T3 Sixty's Brokerage and Team Consulting division manages participation by invitation only.

8 Reasons to Join T3 Brokerage Insider:

8 Reasons to Join T3 Brokerage Insider:

  1. Build on what you learned in your first T3 engagement.

  2. Stay in touch with your networking contacts.

  3. Build rapport with new peers from other T3 groups.

  4. Learn from a wider variety of real estate leaders, including emerging talent and C-suite executives.

  5. Attend exclusive online and in-person events, mastermind sessions, and retreats.

  6. Take advantage of continued, by-request access to the T3 Consulting team.

  7. Benefit from two business review sessions annually.

  8. Learn from hand-selected speakers about M&A, new tech and trends, and more.

By Joining T3 Brokerage Insider, You Can Expect:

By Joining T3 Brokerage Insider, You Can Expect:



As a virtual extension to your leadership team, we'll take your calls and offer insights and support when you experience challenges.

Two Annual-1-on-1 Sessions

Two Annual, 1-on-1 Sessions:

Book us for two Business Review Sessions per year, where we'll check in and offer our advice for your next six months and beyond.



Alumni receive access to all T3 Sixty publications, including the Swanepoel Trends Report, Real Estate Almanac and more.

New Content

New Content:

We'll share “special assignment” content on topics such as financial systems, the M&A process, recruiting tools and more.

Mastermind Calls

Mastermind Calls:

Held eight times a year, these invite-only calls feature special guests and tackle the latest hot topics across the residential real estate industry.

Quarterly Marketing Roundtables

Quarterly Marketing Roundtables:

We facilitate a quarterly roundtable of CMO’s, Marketing VP’s and/or Marketing Directors on the latest marketing trends and tools.

Alumni Retreats

Alumni Retreats:

Alumni will be invited to an exclusive retreat each year. Content for this retreat will include a roundup of the trends we've identified and researched, and mastermind sessions on a topics like business planning, financial benchmarking, recruiting strategies and more.

T3 Sixty Success Stories

T3 Sixty Success Stories

Dennis Degnan speaks to how in a moment of crisis - T3 Sixty is there


We had a crisis in the company that was really extreme and involved millions of dollars. I reached out to Dean and I said, you know, I could use another set of eyeballs on this thing. Within an hour, Jack and Dean were on the phone with me. It was incredible.

Ron Howard: third party helps gain clarity and focus


They know what they're talking and about, and they can be specific. having T3 Sixty come in and do the Fellows Fellows program with our managers helped the managers expand their focus.


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