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Brokerage Industry Expert Speakers

Brokerage Industry Expert Speakers

As longtime brokerage executives, Dean Cottrill and Lisa Piccardo have deep knowledge of the history of the industry, and an intuitive sense of where it is going. Hire Dean or Lisa to discuss brokerage strategies to improve your recruiting, retention, productivity, profitablility, lead conversion and more.

Hire T3 Sixty to speak about:

Hire T3 Sixty to speak about:

  • Building a profitable and predictable brokerage or team business.

  • Developing a custom-to-you recruiting strategy you can repeat again and again.

  • Brokerage metrics, including how much brokers and team leaders should spend on technology, staffing and company operating expenses.

  • The four types of agents every brokerage or team needs to become (and remain) successful.

  • Strategic and growth planning for brokerage or teams.

  • Improving the key stats of your business, from commission splits to agent count.

Top Speaking Sessions

Top Speaking Sessions

7 Key Areas of Profitability

7 Key Areas of Profitability

As profit margins tighten for real estate brokerage companies, and volume slows, it is imperative for leaders to closely evaluate, track, and analyze key metrics. Learn how to analyze your agent count, production, commission earned to retained earnings, operating expenses, and how to make swift improvements to increase your bottom line.

Insider for Associations- Circle

Agent Archetypes

There are only four fundamental ways agents make money: networking, prospecting, converting leads, and marketing. Understand the key skills, practices and tools needed for each of these archetypes, so you can recruit more strategically and support agents in their specific areas of focus.

Tech-Work with a consultant- Circle

Three Recruiting Strategies

Learn how to develop a recruiting strategy that stems directly from your organization’s strengths and value proposition. Get guidance on identifying agent needs, target candidates, and developing a repeatable process that includes successful onboarding.

M&A-Raise Capital - Circle

10 Steps to a High-Growth Business

T3 Sixty's playbook for improving any real estate business forms the core of our consulting practice. Learn the 10 steps that you should be doing, with or without us.

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