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T3 Sixty has been a leader in research and analysis within the residential real estate brokerage industry for over three decades

Each year, it identifies and analyzes the top trends shaping the industry for the next year in the award-winning, 200-plus-page Swanepoel Trends Report. Through the annual 400-plus-page Real Estate Almanac, T3 Sixty documents and analyzes all the most vital components of the industry: people, organized real estate, technology, franchise brands and holding companies, and brokerages.

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Print versions of T3 Sixty’s landmark publications are available below.

Access T3 Sixty Reports Online with T3 Intel

T3 Sixty offers all of its current and past research and reports – the Swanepoel Trends Report, the Real Estate Almanac and more – to executives through T3 Intel, an online market intelligence database. Executives can access all of T3 Sixty’s research from wherever they are.