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Videos and podcast of interest to MLSs and Associations

Videos and podcast of interest to MLSs and Associations

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Regionalization: Realities, Movements and Considerations

2023 Organized Real Estate Report

2023 Organized Real Estate Report

Video: 2323 MLS Trend Preview - MLS Future State Strategies

2023 MLS Trend Preview: MLS Future State Strategies

Video: A new era of MLS

A new Era of MLS with Brian Donnellan President and CEO of Bright MLS.

video Evaluation compensation lawsuits

T3 Sixty - Evaluation of Real Estate's Compensation Structure and Its Future.

Video: Compensation shift paradigm

Preparing for a Compensation Shift in the Paradigm

Video: Insiders forum

T3 Sixty ORE Insiders forum on leveraging regenerative AI.

Video: T3 Sixty - ORE - August 19, 2022

MLS Data and Technology: Delivering Value Back to Brokers with Art Carter


Strategic Planning: Readiness to Execution


MLS Systems - Evaluating Tech

Articles of interest to MLSs and Associations

Articles of interest to MLSs and Associations

- if you need access to these please email Clint Skutchan -

Articles of interest to MLSs and Associations

Articles of interest to MLSs and Associations

- if you need access to these please email Clint Skutchan -


'Mounting pressure' on industry as MLS agrees to settle commission suit

MLS PIN has agreed to pay $3 million and stop requiring sellers to offer buyer-broker compensation, a practice at the core of two other major lawsuits. (For complementary access to this or any other articles reach out to Clint Skutchan at T3 Sixty via email

NAR policy fair housing training

Consolidation means fewer MLSs and associations in 2023

T3 Sixty's annual report on Organized Real Estate found a 7.6% drop in the number of MLSs and a 3.8% drop among Realtor associations since 2020.

Homesnap Homes Reorganizing

CoStar merges Homesnap and, cutting 100 jobs

The company is integrating “the best of” with Homesnap and Citysnap, said Andy Florance, CoStar CEO and founder. (For complementary access to this or any other articles reach out to Clint Skutchan at T3 Sixty via email

Alexa for listings

A breakthrough in home shopping for the visually impaired

“Finding Homes” is an Alexa-based tool that could revolutionize real estate for blind and visually impaired consumers. (For complementary access to this or any other articles reach out to Clint Skutchan at T3 Sixty via email

MLS fiefdoms

Pennsylvania broker-owner: Small MLS ‘fiefdoms’ hurt agents and clients

Broker-owner Adam Conrad of Perry Wellington Realty describes the challenges of navigating seven different MLSs as the slow journey to consolidation continues.

Bright rule change

Bright MLS to allow $0 buyer broker commissions

The nation’s second-largest MLS says this move highlights the “complete flexibility” of Bright subscribers to have “transparent negotiations with clients.

REdistribute coverage expands

MLS revenue-sharing venture moving ahead of schedule

REdistribute, which sells data from participating MLSs to institutional users, now covers nearly half of U.S. residential properties.

NAR policy fair housing training

NAR mandates fair housing training for all members

The Realtor association will now require its more than 1.5 million members to complete fair housing coursework every three years.

Agent helping young couple

NAR 'confident' in the face of challenges to compensation

The association believes it will prevail in court, but also “highly encourages agents to use buyer broker agreements.” (For complementary access to this or any other articles reach out to Clint Skutchan at T3 Sixty via email

Nestfully MLS portal

Leading MLSs come together to launch consumer home search portal

Three of the nation’s largest multiple listing services — California Regional MLS, Bright MLS and REColorado — announced the joint venture for Nestfully.

Lawsuit gavel and house

HomeServices of America loses appeal in commissions case

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling denying HSoA’s motion to force arbitration in the Sitzer/Burnett case, scheduled for trial in October. (For complementary access to this or any other articles reach out to Clint Skutchan at T3 Sixty via email

Breaking down the MLS report

Breaking down the 2023 Organized Real Estate report

T3 Sixty released its annual ranking of the nation’s MLSs, local Realtor associations and state Realtor associations by year-end 2022 member counts in the Organized Real Estate section of the 2023 Real Estate Almanac. This post presents a video conversation about the data in the report and some of the implications.

REN interview Andy Florance 2

CoStar CEO's 'super simple business concept': Support agents

“You do not want to think you're smarter than your customers,” Florance said on CoStar’s strategy of building as a platform for agents and consumers. (For complementary access to this or any other articles reach out to Clint Skutchan at T3 Sixty via email


Stages of the real estate industry

To put the ever-evolving real estate industry into perspective, T3 Sixty has identified a framework for the major innovations and developments as they have occurred over time in what means it terms real estate brokerage stages.

The T3 Brokerage Technology Profile

The T3 Brokerage Technology Profile

Hundreds of smaller MLSs remain active across the U.S., and many organizations wonder how they will compete or remain valuable in an ever-changing and consolidating landscape. In this video, T3 Sixty senior vice president of organized real estate Clint Skutchan hosts a conversation with several MLS leaders.

Emily Chenevert - ABOR

Why the MLS should play up value to consumers

Emily Chenevert, CEO of ABoR and the newly rebranded Unlock MLS, wants Austin buyers and sellers to associate "MLS" with more than just soccer.


Analyzing homeownership rates and their demographic characteristics

Homeownership is a key pillar of American life, and of the residential real estate brokerage industry. This article provides an overview of some of the latest data related to US homeownership and how rates vary by certain demographic characteristics.


Behind the MLS-driven initiative to monetize real estate data

The nation’s two largest MLSs, CRMLS and Bright MLS, have announced a new joint venture, REdistribute, which will lead an MLS data monetization effort. T3 Sixty recorded a video interview with CRMLS CEO Art Carter about the effort.


Inside one MLS’s expansion push

MLSs and brokers are also collaborating in new ways to advance MLS service into a modern business that consumers need and want. This article dives into one strategy unfolding in Tennessee.


2022 State of the Real Estate Industry

Watch Stefan Swanepoel and Jack Miller discuss some of the biggest trends shaping the industry and provide a preview of the 2023 Swanepoel Trends Report.


The present and future of real estate data standards

Real estate data standards play a key role in helping push the industry data and technology forward. This article highlights where it is in its effort to provide and implement data standards across the industry.


Highlights from the T3 Summit

Real estate leaders at the 2022 T3 Summit explored some compelling themes and trends the industry and brokerages currently face. This article provides a brief overview along with some highlights of trends discussed at the event.



T3 Sixty helps MLSs, associations, and ORE focused data and technology providers with strategic facilitation, market research and analysis, technical guidance, and more.

1 Research and Analysis

Comprehensive and confidential services including: MLS/Association Performance Surveys, Product and Services Research, Service Area Analysis, and Compensation Studies

2 Strategy and Structures

Beyond typical strategic planning our comprehensive process includes extensive discovery work and expert facilitation to deliver informed meetings, an iterative plan, AI enhanced implementation and messaging tools.

3 Data and Technology

Comprehensive solutions including: ORE specific Tech stack assessments, research and facilitation for technology decisions, and expert guidance on Data Strategies, Pricing, & Security best practices to inform your key decisions.

4 T3 Insider Programs (MLS | Association | Data/Technology)

Annual program designed specifically for each ORE entity to achieve high-level strategic and/or sales goals through integrated modules focused on business intelligence, relationships, and strategic execution.

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Client Testimonials

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Liz Tewksbury

Consultant, Organized Real Estate

Liz Tewksbury is a veteran in organized real estate with a track record of delivering exceptional results for clients. With experience in a variety of executive roles in the MLS industry, she has built a reputation for providing strategic guidance and innovative solutions to help clients achieve their goals.

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