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The resources below are exclusively for Local Boards and MLSs, and include topics like T3 Sixty national reports on vendors and technology, MLS systems, T3 Sixty Insight articles pertinent to Organized Real Estate, and webinars focused on your unique vantage point in the industry.

Check this resource page throughout the year with the latest case studies, videos, articles and reports on association and MLS performance.



Recorded webinar: 2023 MLS Trend Preview - MLS Future State Strategies

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  • Data Utilization and Pricing
Leadership and Advisement:
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T3 Insight Articles:

Stories from T3 Sixty pertinent to MLSs and Associations

VIDEO: Exploring New MLS Models

Hundreds of smaller MLSs remain active across the U.S., and many organizations wonder how they will compete or remain valuable in an ever-changing and consolidating landscape. In this video, T3 Sixty senior vice president of organized real estate Clint Skutchan hosts a conversation with several MLS leaders.


The T3 Brokerage Technology Profile

To accurately and effectively evaluate their technology strategy and approach, brokerages need to understand how technology fits their goals, vision, branding and more. This is why T3 Sixty developed the T3 Brokerage Technology Profile, outlined in this article.


Analyzing homeownership rates and their demographic characteristics

Homeownership is a key pillar of American life, and of the residential real estate brokerage industry. This article provides an overview of some of the latest data related to US homeownership and how rates vary by certain demographic characteristics.


Headshot of Clint Skutchan

Clint Skutchan

Senior Vice President, Organized Real Estate

Clint leads T3 Sixty’s Organized Real Estate consulting division and is responsible for all the company’s Realtor association and MLS activities.

He has over a decade of real estate industry experience including as CEO of a Realtor association in Colorado.

What our clients say:

  • The T3 Sixty Organized Real Estate team's delivery of relevant information and materials was excellent.
  • They were knowledgeable, detailed and focused and kept the group on track.
  • Clint was personable and positive. He did a great job leading the group through some tough conversations.
  • T3 Sixty was able to direct and guide our group without forcing their opinions on us.

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