Why Leaders are Connectors

Dan Breault


There are many attributes that come to mind when thinking about leaders: intelligent, focused, passionate, strategic, ambitious, disciplined and determined. While all of those words are great descriptors, one word for success in leadership, specifically in attracting and hiring, would be connection. Leaders are connectors in many ways – they connect people to the organization and to each other.

Connected leader

Connection is ultimately the way people form deep relationships that withstand the test of time. And by harnessing the power of connection, leaders can build an organization that will last a lifetime. While this might be a different way to look at leadership, focusing on connection is a way to build culture and long-term committed team relationships. 

This is why connecting is a pragmatic concern versus an emotional one. Connecting provides space to become better as a leader and ultimately forms the foundation for long-term meaningful relationships.

Today, more than ever, people are seeking leaders. They are hungry for connection and leadership. A leader needs to understand the goals, motivations and type of support those they lead want and need, so they can then lead them to the future they seek.

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