My Inbox Is Flooded

Dan Breault


As you are aware, the current climate of residential real estate has many of us tightening our financial belts to weather the storm. 

This has resulted in many changes in staffing – compensation reductions, shifting/realignment of responsibilities within the current org chart, and unfortunately, layoffs.  

Hence, my flooded inbox with talent looking for their “next opportunity.”  

Allow me a slight detour. In 1997, our family relocated to Zionsville, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, for the second time and lived in a lovely neighborhood across the street from Zionsville High School. As basketball fans, we would attend games on occasion where a young man named Brad Stevens was playing. Little did we know that he would go on to achieve national prominence as the coach of Butler University (think the movie “Hoosiers” where the Indiana state championships used to be played in Hinkle Fieldhouse) and eventually be named the head coach of the Boston Celtics. Brad enjoyed successful years as the Celtics coach and in 2021 was named the General Manager and President of basketball operations. During that time we had relocated to Greater Boston and continued to follow Brad’s success.  

Brad’s responsibilities include staffing the team. One of the things I have noticed is that Brad is ALWAYS adjusting talent, whether the team is winning or losing. You see, basketball, like business, is a dynamic game.  Players (and teams) grow, stagnate, get injured, outgrow the team, lose their edge…it’s ever changing.  And it’s not just what’s happening on your team, but what is happening with every other team across the league creates Talent opportunities.

Bringing this back around…

Our response to the real estate market might be to “tighten our belts,” and that could be appropriate. But what is NOT productive is to turtle when it comes to talent management.  Lots of great talent have lost their positions, are thinking that they might lose their position, and are searching for their next opportunity. The price of said talent is changing also, which in itself can present opportunities.  

Have you considered what Talent opportunities are out there to help improve your team? My suggestion is do it, and do it now.

Winning leaders consider talent… 


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PS: Sorry if you’re not a Celtics fan!