T3 Sixty Reveals 2024 Tech 200 Signaling Surge in AI Innovation

T3 Sixty


May 1, 2024, LADERA RANCH, Calif. T3 Sixty, a strategic management consulting and intelligence firm in the residential real estate industry, today released the 2024 Tech 200, an identification of the real estate industry’s leading technology solutions. 

This year’s Tech 200 features 203 leading products from 138 companies. Notably, this represents a remarkable 77% increase in recognized companies, driven by the rapid innovation and adoption of artificial intelligence applications within the industry.

The Tech 200 identifies leading products by the T3 Tech Landscape, a framework that segments categories of technology by how real estate practitioners actually use products to run their businesses. Segmented into 42 groupings, the T3 Tech Landscape roughly maps to the consumer sales funnel. 

The Rise of AI

“AI is the single hottest trend in real estate tech,” said Michael Phelan, senior vice president of technology consulting at T3 Sixty. “While we’ve witnessed countless trends ebb and flow, the current surge in AI innovation is unprecedented.”

This year’s Tech 200 includes 37 companies that are leveraging AI in real estate, with the majority in lead generation, content creation and recruiting.

Most-Demanded Products

Based on inquiries from brokerages, it's clear that technology solutions capable of providing efficiencies are among the most in demand. In particular, there is a strong demand for products that can reduce the number of steps and staff hours required to process a new listing from market preparation to post-closing. This underscores the industry's need for streamlined processes and increased productivity driven by shrinking profit margins.

Bridging the Technology Divide

The Tech 200 serves as an indispensable resource for brokers, teams and agents seeking to navigate the complex landscape of real estate technology. By providing a curated list of top-tier solutions, it serves as a valuable tool for organizations to choose the best technology to fill the gaps in their system based on their technology profile, growth stage and sales cycle.

“Brokers and teams must strike a delicate balance between innovation and risk management,” said Phelan. “They rely heavily on technology partners to stay ahead of the curve, especially since the average brokerage or team lacks the resources to independently develop robust AI or data strategies.”

For a comprehensive view of the products and companies highlighted in the 2024 Tech 200, visit realestatealmanac.com.


T3 Sixty’s rigorous evaluation process considers factors such as product depth, reliability, market share, client satisfaction, adoption metrics, marketplace reputation, long-term viability and company stability. Featured products are either available for standalone purchase or so impactful that brokers agents, or business owners would invest in the entire platform based on their strength. T3 Sixty identifies up to five leading products in each category, and up to three up-and-coming watchlist products.

About T3 Sixty

T3 Sixty is a management consultancy in the residential real estate industry with business units in brokerage, technology and organized real estate. The group also provides extensive intelligence, data and reports, executive search and event management services. For more information, visit t360.com.