T3 Sixty Launches Inaugural T3 Fusion Website Rankings - Blending Web Performance with Design

T3 Sixty


LADERA RANCH, Calif., Oct. 12, 2023 -- T3 Sixty, a strategic management consulting firm in the residential real estate industry, is excited to announce its inaugural T3 Fusion Website Rankings - Blending Web Performance with Design. T3 Sixty, alongside additional industry partners, will comprehensively evaluate a website's aesthetics, execution of brand, user experience, and overall website performance.

President and CEO of T3 Sixty, Jack Miller, expressed his enthusiasm: "A brokerage's consumer-facing website has been one of the most valuable yet misunderstood marketing assets. We are thrilled to unveil these rankings to demystify and elevate the standards and performances of all brokerage websites. These rankings are the next manifestation of T3 Sixty's analytical research and the learnings we've accrued after working with the industry's largest technology providers and best-in-class web agencies."

The analysis for the awards is a collaboration with Maxa Designs, Benchmetrics, and ListTrac. Each partner will contribute their unique expertise to deliver a first-of-its-kind multidimensional assessment. In cooperation with its data partners Benchmetrics and ListTrac, T3 Sixty collects quantitative data on more than 400 websites to add objectivity to the evaluations.

Michael Phelan, VP of Brokerage Technology and Marketing at T3 Sixty added: "The alliance with Maxa Designs, Benchmetrics, and ListTrac amplifies our ability to scrutinize and benchmark website performances. These rankings will celebrate design excellence and raise the bar in website design, functionality and performance across the industry."

T3 Sixty's Technology Consulting business unit spearheads this initiative, reflecting the company's dedication to leveraging its insights, technology and data to better understand the real estate landscape. This commitment to elevating industry standards through intelligent change is at the core of T3 Sixty's mission and is pivotal in driving forward-thinking solutions.

T3 Sixty invites brokerages, MLS organizations with public websites, designers, and developers to participate in this inaugural event, and join the movement toward excellence. Let us work together to spotlight the best in the industry and foster a culture of innovation.

For more information on the awards, how to participate and to indicate your interest in submitting your website for the T3 Fusion Rankings, please visit http://www.t3fusionrankings.com.

Submissions begin on December 1, 2023 Rankings will be announced in early spring, 2024

About T3 Sixty T3 Sixty is a trusted advisor and management consultancy in the residential real estate brokerage industry with business units in brokerage, technology, mergers and acquisitions, and organized real estate. The group also provides extensive research and reports, executive search and event management services. Clients include franchisors, brokerages, Realtor associations, MLS organizations, technology companies and brokerage industry investors and market analysts. Whether reorganizing, expanding or innovating, leaders and entrepreneurs rely on T3 Sixty's extensive experience and objective, analytical research to affect intelligent change. For more information, visit t3sixty.com.