Long the largest real estate franchise by number of agents globally, Keller Williams on Wednesday claimed it has become the leader by sales volume in the United States, too, tallying $72.5 billion in deals during a record-breaking fourth quarter.

If that’s true, that means Keller Williams has overtaken Re/Max for sales volume in dollars–long seen as the market leader. However, the claim came without official figures from Re/Max, to compare to, as the latter company has not released its fourth quarter 2017 earnings, and it’s third quarter earnings of that year also remain delayed.

Keller Williams pointed to an analysis by consulting firm T3 Sixty to support its claims, which was completed independently and before Keller Williams publicly released its fourth quarter earnings. When contacted by Inman, T3 Sixty declined to share its full report, but provided selected figures that supported Keller William’s claims.