WASHINGTON — Don’t say they didn’t warn you. The National Association of Realtors this week released a free report detailing 50 threats, risks and challenges the real estate is facing today and will face in the near future.

Many of the 50 items take the industry to task for low-quality agents, poor leadership, cumbersome governance structures, industry infighting and shortsightedness, particularly when it comes to the potential effects of advancing technology.

But don’t expect the report to offer any solutions. That is left up to you, at least for now.

The “DANGER Report” lays out 10 potential dangers impacting five groups: agents, brokers, NAR itself, local and state associations, and multiple listing services.

NAR commissioned the 164-page report from real estate consultant Stefan Swanepoel, who conducted extensive research to put it together, including interviews with 70 notables inside and outside the industry and a survey that garnered nearly 8,000 responses.