Our clients include all facets of the real estate industry.

Client and project specifics are confidential. Clients do include a broad mix of private- and public-organizations, including Fortune 1,000 companies, pre-IPO companies, start-ups, family owned businesses, as well as non-profit associations.


We strive to maintain a balance between our client portfolio with approximately 25 percent of our clients being brokerage and franchise companies, 25 percent being Realtor Associations and MLSs, 25 percent technology companies and portals, and 25 percent a diverse selection of financial and/or non-industry related companies.


Our knowledge is backed by our ongoing in-depth research, culminating in the most extensive portfolio of published studies in the residential real estate industry. We focus on real estate trends, business risks, industry dangers, and best practices, and quarterly release our findings via widely respected reports such as the annual Swanepoel Trends Report (11 editions) and the annual SP200 (4 editions), T3 Tech Guides as well as other various case studies.