MLS RoundTable Members Lay Out Four-Step Plan to Revolutionize the MLS Industry

MLS RoundTable

The eight members of the MLS RoundTable (MLSRT), whose multiple listing services represent approximately 325,000 real estate professionals, have committed to a four-step plan to move the MLS industry forward. The agreement comes only two months after representatives from 22 of the nation’s largest MLSs gathered in Huntington Beach, California to discuss future strategies following […]

The MLS 2020 Agenda: Evolving the MLS

MLS 2020 Agenda

Despite the fact that real estate Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are critical to the real estate industry, much of their structure and technology is inefficient and outdated. However, 28 real estate brokers and leaders have proposed solutions to transform the MLS of today into the future. These findings have been released in an all-encompassing new study, the “MLS […]

New Workshop Helps MLSs Manage Consolidation

T3 MLS Workshop

Within the real estate industry, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) organizations are facing one of the biggest game changers they have ever experienced. MLS mergers and consolidations are altering the real estate landscape for hundreds of thousands of real estate brokers and agents. In fact, this was considered the second biggest trend in the 2017 Swanepoel Trend […]

7 Steps to Overcoming MLS Consolidation Obstacles

7 Steps

Having managed nearly 60 MLS mergers, we hear many excuses why a consolidation won’t work: Our market is unique – we don’t have a problem here They need us more than we need them Our members are not asking for it – I don’t see how they would benefit from this Our vendor contract doesn’t […]

5 Obstacles to MLS Consolidation

5 Obstacles

MLSs have been consolidating rapidly at a rate of approximately three per month. The number of MLSs in the US has shrunk from 825 in January 2014, to 705 in April 2017. Change is taking place because of association and MLS leaders taking bold actions to make it easier for their members and brokers to […]

The Future of the MLS in One Word: Team

Future of MLS

After spending 30 years in the real estate industry, you get to know people. And since I’ve been asked this question by many of you in the past few months, I thought I’d explain it here. In February, I made the leap from independent MLS consultant to working with Stefan Swanepoel and Jack Miller as president of the newly […]

Swanepoel T3 Group Adds New MLS Consulting Division

Kevin McQueen

The Swanepoel T3 Group, the residential real estate industry’s premier research and management consulting firm, has launched a new division focused on serving the multiple listing service industry, T3 MLS. T3 MLS is the premier consulting practice focused exclusively on the needs MLS organizations and services. T3 MLS serves MLS stakeholders with research, planning, workshops, speaking […]

MLS Casualty or Provocateur – and How Does Upstream Fit in?

MLS: Where Does Upstream Fit In? As the drumbeats of AMP and Upstream move closer to the industry’s center stage, discussions regarding the future of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) become louder and wary. (Read the extensive analysis and proposed “Implementation Roadmap” for Upstream detailed in Chapter #1 of the 2016 Swanepoel Trends Report – […]