T3 Fellows feedback: What is it like working with T3 Sixty?

In any leadership development program, it is important that the participants get the support they need in order to make big changes to their business and to themselves. In this video, we asked our most recent T3 Fellows class what it was like to work with T3 Sixty, and this is their response.

T3 Fellows feedback: What have you accomplished in T3 Fellows?

Accomplishments are an important measure of whether a program has been worthwhile. In this video, we asked our T3 Fellows participants to tell us about their accomplishments in the program, both for their business and for themselves as leaders. We think the results speak for themselves.

Lindsay Dreyer: From “Midlife Crisis” to Significant Growth

Lindsay Dreyer, City Chic Real Estate

Lindsay Dreyer opened City Chic Real Estate in 2011, and things were going well. For the next few years she was able to maintain consistent but slow growth. She was actively selling, and she was figuring things out on her own. She was able to grow to 5 agents, but she was about to hit […]

Doubling Growth is Never Easy

Paul Baron, Century 21 Leading Edge Realty

Running a real estate brokerage is a full time, 24 x 7 business. There’s so much going on: real estate transactions, agent questions and the constant need to put out fires. As a result, executives often lose focus on where they want their company to go and how to get there. This is the challenge […]

84% Growth in 12 Months: Portside Real Estate Group

Dava Davin, Portside Real Estate Group

Running a sales team is not the same as running a real estate brokerage. Dava Davin discovered this while she was leading a successful sales team. She had been working with a sales coach for two years, which helped her grow from $20M to $45M in annual sales volume. However, she was busy working two […]