Q4 Strategies For Brokerage & Team Leaders

Lisa Piccardo


The 4th quarter is often a time of fatigue and distraction, but it presents a unique opportunity. With an average of 56 workdays and reduced market competition, this period can be advantageous for you and your agents.

Leveraging Data for a Strong Finish

For a focused year-end strategy, provide your team with key performance metrics. Leaders should offer company-wide and office-specific data such as:

  • Agent recruitment

  • Agent turnover

  • Net agent growth

  • Units closed

  • Total sales volume

  • Average sale price

  • Gross commission income

  • Cost of Sales

  • Retained earnings

  • Operating expenses

  • Net profit

For agents, the following metrics are essential

  • Sales volume

  • Units closed

  • Gross commission income

  • Average sale price

If you monitor lead metrics, also include leads generated, closed, and referrals received and closed. These numbers will establish a foundation for Q4 strategy and 2024 goal setting.

Community Engagement

Consider Q4 as a time for community outreach. Lead by example by organizing charitable activities like Thanksgiving food drives or volunteering at local shelters.

Business Generation Tactics

Equip your agents with effective Q4 strategies:

  • Weekly phone outreach to Sphere of Influence (SOI) and past clients

  • Market review reports outlining 2023 neighborhood listings and sales, including trend data

  • Industry event participation

  • Hosting client events

Planning for the Future

As the year draws to a close, begin setting your goals for 2024. The 12-week year concept can help accelerate your planning cycle, allowing quicker adaptations and a focused approach.

In Summary

The end of the year shouldn't mean a decrease in momentum. Utilize Q4 to strategically set the stage for the year ahead, incorporating data-driven planning, community involvement, and proactive outreach.