5 Reasons People Attend Live Events

Darlene Lyons


5 Reasons People Attend Live Events

As someone who has produced or managed more than 5,000 events, I often get asked how I execute events and make each of them special. The answer might surprise you, because it’s not all that complicated once you have the right mix of elements.

So, here we go. The top five reasons people attend live events are food, fun, fame, fellowship and education.

1. Food experiences are in

In your promotion materials, list any food functions, specialty foods or food experiences and if they’re included in the cost of admission or an available upgrade. Paint a picture in your prospect’s mind. All the fresh crab you can eat, hors d'oeuvres and premium open bar, full delicious breakfast, local fine wine tasting, or award-winning funnel cakes — whatever you’re offering, make sure it’s listed out clearly, as it will boost excitement and interest in the entire event. 

2. Fun is a huge motivator

My definition of fun includes sporting events, fairs, movie screenings, festivals, concerts, escape rooms, dinner theaters and other events that are just for enjoyment or for business entertainment.

Today's consumer demands and will gladly pay for unique and fun experiences. And fun includes FREE STUFF! Be sure to list surprise artists, pop-up entertainment, raffles, scavenger hunts, competitions, door prizes, activations, contests and vendor giveaways. It's in our nature to desire to win. 

3. Incorporate fame into your event strategy

Fame includes status, self promotion, buying and selling opportunities and recognition of any kind. Recognize your attendees for their accomplishments. Community contributions, sales production, safety records, attendance scores, industry impact, etc. 

4. Create a sense of community at your event

Community can include a social cause, church, a club, a mastermind, peer-to-peer training, etc. As an event designer, it’s your job to create opportunities for connection, inclusion, belonging, acceptance or identity.   

For example, at one of the large conferences we produce, we added yoga, nutrition classes, a fun run for charity, tech minute round tables with peer-to-peer training, group art projects, international networking meet-ups, coffee tastings, a digital business card exchange, puppy petting for animal lovers, a foodie tour, tree planting, a graffiti art tour and more to add to the experience. This created an unparalleled level of engagement.

5. Add some educational elements to your event

Most people are emotional decision makers and will come to an event purely for the social or experiential aspects. However, the added benefit of solid education — whether it’s how to earn more income, become more productive, or master a technology — will help attract even your most hesitant prospects. Consider mentorship, certifications, collaboration, learning and inspiration in this category. 

Getting started with your strategic event planning

When you begin strategizing your event, consider including these five elements — food, fun, fame, fellowship and education. If you need help designing your event, reach out today for a no-obligation consultation. T3 Events Group is already booking events into 2025, and will be glad to help you bring your event vision to life.