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Trends Research

With over 30 key real estate books, reports and white papers the Trends Research annually provides the annual Swanepoel Trends Report (164-pages) – which includes more research, more objective strategic thinking, stats, facts & trendcasting about the future than any other report in the residential real estate industry.(

Technology Research

Diving into key software categories such as Home Valuation Website, Lead Management Systems, Portals, Software forms and more, the T3 Tech Research team examines the best software products and services real estate professionals can use to increase their productivity and be more successful with the annual T3 Tech Guide (212-pages).(

Danger Research

Introspection is never easy. NAR’s bravest and most controversial publication in 100 years has sparked a difference of opinion. Some people think it is visionary and courageous while other says it idiotic. See what the thousands of readers (Realtors and consumers) have to say, read updates on the Report and learn more about how the Danger Report (164-pages) is shaping our industry.(

Leadership Research

What makes the Swanepoel POWER 200 (SP200; 64-pages) unique is that we have integrated in one list all the different types of leaders in the real estate industry, even though they succeed and/or serve in different sectors of our industry. There is no pay-to-play, no old boys club, and no favors for friends. If you made it to the SP200 you are most certainly deserving of your inclusion.(

T3 News Brief

A deep dive of important changes, business and events impacting the industry. Receive an in-depth brief that expands on the major questions and concerns in the industry. Also included, access to T3 Insider for information on exclusive interviews, in depth analyses ,and webinars. (

T3 Sixty

Consulting focused on creating sustainable strategies that provide a comprehensive edge to brokers, franchises, associations and technology companies. T3sixty has an extensive ream of management consultants skilled in helping executives understand the scenarios and create innovative strategies. (

T3 Summit

The T3 Summit is the leading CEO Mastermind and think-tank for leaders in the real estate industry. Here great ideas are obtained by connecting the right thinkers and leaders in a commercial free zone, focused on seeking best-in-class solutions. The event is designed around relevance, focused on innovation and managed to excellence (

T3 Fellows

T3 Fellows is a brokerage accelerator for fast growing teams powered by a community of successful brokers and team leaders that are supported by expert advisors in technology, marketing and operations. (