T3 Tech Scorecard: LionDesk


LionDesk received an outstanding rating from users. Out of 3.5, LionDesk received a 3.0 for its features, ease of use and value. T3 Sixty thus rates the product as an official “T3 Sixty Quality Enterprise Supplier for Brokerage Companies.” In addition, the system the users were surveyed on was on a legacy platform and has recently been updated to a newer version.

Brokers provide the LionDesk system to their agents to amplify their lead nurturing and conversion efforts, manage transaction communication and timelines and stay on top of important tasks. Brokers use LionDesk for tracking agent activity and to support their agent-recruiting process.

Over half of respondents (57.1 percent) noted that the system was “Easy” or “Somewhat Easy” to learn. Over 64 percent of surveyed users also rated LionDesk’s support as “Good” or “Excellent” and over 68 percent rated the value to the user as “Good” or “Excellent”.

T3 Sixty found the breadth of LionDesk’s features to be exceptional, as well as its dashboard and reporting tools. T3 Sixty found the system’s website and email integration features had opportunities for improvement, two features that LionDesk has already addressed in a recent systemwide update.

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T3 Sixty announces the T3 Technology Scorecards, a new product line that is intended to provide the broker community with the highest assurances of quality for software providers in real estate.

To prepare these scorecards, we survey hundreds of the product users and conduct interviews with brokers and agents that use the products, and produce a unbiased and neutral assessment of the product including an overall score, and scores in specific categories, including product features, ease of learning, product support, integration with other products, and overall user value.