T3 Tech Guide (2015)


There are over 1,000 technology products, apps and vendors offering services to real estate brokers and agents.

In our first major technology analysis, we grouped the primary products and vendors into ten categories. Then we tested and analyzed the best in each category, providing a side-by-side comparison. Finally, we featured the 40 best-in-class products and delivered our findings in this 200-page report.

The report was researched and co-authored by Jack MillerStefan Swanepoel and Michael McClure.

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Category #1 – Home Valuation Websites
Category #2 – Lead Management Systems
Category #3 – Lead Generation Websites
Category #4 – Real Estate CRM
Category #5 – Agent Websites
Category #6 – Software Forms
Category #7 – Real Estate Portals
Category #8 – Digital Signatures
Category #9 – Prospecting Systems
Category #10 – Transaction and Document Management