Real Estate Confronts Reality (1997)


In his first book in the United States, Stefan Swanepoel co-authored this analysis of real estate trends with Tom Dooley and Dr. Michael Abelson. It details the most significant companies, innovations and shifts that will shape the real estate brokerage business over the coming decades.

“Real Estate Confronts Realty,” which was published towards the end of 1997, was to become the first of 10 books and studies in the “Real Estate Confronts” series.

Categories include:

Chapter #1 – Crazed, Confused or Cause for Celebration?
Chapter #2 – NAR: Growing, Going or Gone?
Chapter #3 – HFS: Cash! Catalyst!? Committed!?
Chapter #4 – Chasing Number 1
Chapter #5 – Demographics: Your Secret Weapon
Chapter #6 – Can Consumers Control the Inside Track?
Chapter #7 – Agent: A Profession in Question
Chapter #8 – Are Brokers and Agents Overpaid?
Chapter #9 – Is Tech the Ticket to Ride?
Chapter #10 – Will the Virtual Transaction Become Reality
Chapter #11– Answers for the New Millennium