2018 Swanepoel Trends Report


The Swanepoel Trends Report is the essential strategic research tool for smart leaders and executives in the residential real estate brokerage industry. Each year, T3 Sixty invests hundreds of hours of research and analysis to create the 200-page report. It identifies the top 10 trends facing the industry, as well as their potential impact and business opportunities. It is the most comprehensive report in the industry, bar none.

The report is released each year on February 1; 2018 is the 13th edition.

If you order copies of the Trends Report for your executive team, you could save up to 50 percent on a bulk purchase.

This is like having a Rolodex of the industry’s decision makers at your fingertips.

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Here are the top 10 trends analyzed in the 2018 edition of the Swanepoel Trends Report. #10 is considered the least impactful; #1 is considered the most impactful (as of late 2017, early 2018).

  1. Tightening the Digital Grip
    The year is 2022. See real estate through the eyes of seven industry leaders currently shaping our world.
  1. The Complex World of Commercial Real Estate
    We recap the 164-page 2017 CRE ALERT Report that analyzed the latest emerging risks and trends in the commercial real estate industry.
  1. Smart CRMs Go Mainstream
    We take a deep dive into how big data and artificial intelligence are reinventing relationship management for real estate customers.
  1. The Big Four of Digital Real Estate
    The digital revolution has revamped the way brokers and agents win and close business. This is the real estate online lead gen playbook.
  1. Design as a Service
    This brokerage playbook supports strong agent brands, helping them focus on being consumer-centric, emotionally relevant and innovative.
  1. Brokerage M&A Broadens
    Mergers and acquisitions are now an important strategy for more than just the titans of the industry. We provide details and analysis.
  1. The Management-Empowered Brokerage Business Model
    As the industry matures so must management. We show how brokerages can redesign their structure and thrive in this changing environment.
  1. Rise of the Modern Discount Brokerage
    New well-honed operations, backed by investors and big plans to change the industry, are rapidly gaining traction. Here is what you need to know.
  1. Enter the Direct Buyer
    Direct Buyers (also known as iBuyers) are pioneering an innovative new model that could change how consumers buy and sell homes.
  1. Follow the Money
    Attracted to the opportunity to capitalize on real estate’s slow adoption of technology, outsiders are placing big bets on reshaping the industry. We provide the inside track and a complete list of all the investors and beneficiaries.



“Comprehensive research and strategic planning are indispensable for future real estate success. The Swanepoel Trends Report represents the gold standard for third-party independent scholarship pertaining to this all-important process.”
Gino Blefari, CEOHSF Affiliates

“The Swanepoel Trends Report is one of the most important and influential analyses available in real estate. I always enjoy reading it, and it helps shape the future of our industry. Thanks to Stefan and the entire team for the hard work that goes into this report. Our industry is grateful for it.”
Spencer Rascoff, CEO, Zillow Group

“In my position, I need to always be looking around corners to see what’s coming next. The Swanepoel Trends Report is like having a mirror on the end of a ten-foot pole.”
Geoff Lewis, President, RE/MAX

“We greatly value the Swanepoel Trends Report. I have always felt the work is critically important to our industry because of the unique insights and desire to go beyond the metrics we all routinely look at. While there is quite a lot of industry discussion about disruptors, the impact of technology and the emergence of millennials, the report challenges us to think differently and offers unique ideas, suggestions and potential solutions.”
Charlie Young, President and CEO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

“To hell with CNN, we should all turn to you for updates.”
Scott Stulich, Broker, Home Selling Assistance Platinum, Maryland

“The Swanepoel Trends Report is ‘the’ go-to book on what is happening within the industry, a great source of real information to help brokers and brands plan for what lies ahead. I have been a subscriber since inception. It gets better and better every year.”
Sherry Chris, President and CEO, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

“We are successful because of the decisions we make each day. The Swanepoel Trends Report isn’t just about the future – it’s about what is happening now. It challenges us to use this invaluable information to give us the ability to make it happen now. It is mandatory reading for our senior leadership. The research helps us all think about what needs to happen now and in the future.”
Helen Hanna Casey, CEO, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

“The Swanepoel Trends Report always delivers. It provides important and insightful analysis of the trends, people and companies in the real estate business.”
Ryan O’Hara, CEO, Move, Inc.

“The Swanepoel Trends Report is always one of my ‘go-to’ reference guides regarding future trends in the real estate vertical. Truly a phenomenal resource and one that provides great insight and value.”
Bob Goldberg, CEO, National Association of Realtors

“The Swanepoel Trends Report is the industry’s premier report regarding the key factors shaping the real estate business. It serves as a mirror to ensure that we continue to be a highly successful real estate company.”
Lennox Scott, Chairman and CEO, John L Scott Real Estate

“The market to come is anybody’s guess. However, your estimate and forecast hold the highest chance of being correct.”
Paul J. Wells, Broker and Owner, RE/MAX Northern Illinois

“The Swanepoel Trends Report sets the standard for research on industry trends. I keep a copy on my desk, which I utilize often and share with my leadership, members and staff.”
Bob Hale, CEO, Houston Association of Realtors