2016 Swanepoel Trends Report


Below please find the top 10 trends analyzed in the 2016 edition (#10 being least impactful and #1 being most impactful) are listed below. This is as of the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

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  1. Societal Changes: What Millennials Really Want in Housing 
    The largest home buying generation in history – millennials – have different views on homeownership. Their opinions are changing the current state of housing.
  1. Setting Appropriate Consumer Experiences 
    The issues that form the basis of collaboration between online property search and consumers.
  1. Lead Conversion: The New Rules of Competition 
    How brokers must reinvent themselves to manage the continuous shift of business from offline to online.
  1. Smart Homes: On the Doorstep of Something Smarter 
    The advancement information technology: the Internet, wi-fi, 4G networks and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are changing how we live in our homes.
  1. How Portals Worldwide are Reshaping the Real Estate Industry 
    The internet has created new opportunities for buyers and sellers. We detail the largest real estate portals around the globe.
  1. Independent Contractors: The Delicate Equilibrium 
    Two significant lawsuits have threatened real estate’s independent contractor status. We outline the decisions and how they affect the industry.
  1. Rebuilding the Real Estate Enterprise with Technology 
    Legacy systems are everywhere in real estate. We analyze how brokers, agents and teams could replace them and upgrade their digital world.
  1. Defend Your Turf with Predictive Analytics 
    Staying in control of your business becomes harder when the number of internet-connected devices explodes. Predictive analytics may be the best tool to help.
  1. How Organized Real Estate is Reinventing an Industry 
    NAR implemented two major initiatives in 2014. Will they work? We detail what they are and why NAR is doing them.
  1. Project Upstream: Disrupt Yourself 
    Brokers have drawn a line in the sand. They want back control. Now that a controversial listing database sitting “upstream” has been announced, we discuss if it could work.

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