2015 Swanepoel Trends Report


Below please find the top 8 trends analyzed in the 2015 edition (#8 being least impactful and #1 being most impactful) are listed below. This is as of the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

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  1. Consumer Complaints and Buyer Protection
    We examine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and its anticipated impact on the home buying transaction.
  1. The Coming Leadership Retirement Wave
    Generally speaking, many industry leaders do not have succession plans. They will need them in the next few years as current leadership prepares to step down.
  1. Amateurs, Order-Takers or Professionals
    It is time for the industry to do something about improving real estate agent licensing. Training, apprenticeships or mentorships are options, but something meaningful is needed soon.
  1. Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations
    Real estate agents generally dislike consumer-driven reviews. Real estate is overdue to implement transparent rating systems. Here is where we stand.
  1. How Digital Natives are Driving the Next Surge of Innovations
    See how Generations X and Y are driving the big next wave of technology innovations and new brokerage models.
  1. An Industry Change is Lurking
    The industry’s effort to resist change is incredible, but new battles – legal or otherwise – are threatening to change real estate.
  1. The Race to Online Supremacy
    Large parts of the business have shifted online. Some think we are already down to two players. If that’s true, what’s next?
  1. The Vulnerability of the MLS
    The MLS industry is under attack again. This time Project Upstream, the Broker Public Portal and Project Flanker are exploring different options for listing data input, promotion and management.

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