2013 Swanepoel Trends Report


The top 10 trends analyzed in the 2014 edition (#10 being least impactful and #1 being most impactful) are listed below. This is as of the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

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  1. Salvaging of the Housing Market
    The real estate market has turned the corner and is improving. We look at the key things we should be doing.
  2. On the Edge of a Fiscal Cliff
    Political squabbling will have far-reaching implications on the economy and the residential real estate industry.
  3. Rescuing Homeownership
    The U.S. government is again considering a modification of the mortgage interest deduction. It seems like they will not stop until it is eliminated.
  4. Revisiting Organized Real Estate
    Realtor associations are critical to the industry, but their involvement in activities outside their core services continue to attract controversy.
  5. Redefining Real Estate Professionalism
    The real estate business model has resisted change for too many decades. It needs to pick up the pace or it will be left behind.
  6. The Value Proposition of Brands
    Strong brands can generally influence consumers and generate loyalty, but that doesn’t really apply to real estate brands. We explain the difference.
  7. Big Data: The Next Frontier
    Big data is already threatening the very structure of the MLS industry. The battle has just begun.
  8. The Gentle Revolution
    Real estate is probably the next big American industry to experience and undergo the new consumer revolution.
  9. The Real Estate Office of the Future
    Both virtual offices and superstores are in high demand. New business models offer new options. Agents, your choices have never been this good.
  10. Berkshire Hathaway Takes Another Huge Step into Real Estate
    The “Oracle of Omaha” significantly expanded his real estate brokerage portfolio. Buffett is clearly committed to the long term. We analyze what this means to you.

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