Automated Digital Listing Marketing (2020)


As digital marketing in real estate continues to heat up and expand at a rapid pace, T3 Sixty and Adwerx studied the impact on agent performance of automated digital listing advertising. In this study, you will see the effect on that performance and how top producers really benefited from the use of automated digital listing marketing. Learn more about this fast-growing category recently recognized in the Tech 500 and how it can impact your business.


Like most technologies, digital marketing technology constantly evolves. This progression offers real estate practitioners a continual opportunity to refine and improve the ROI they receive from their marketing spend.

The 10 digital marketing categories often overlap in products and tools. For example, this case study centers on Adwerx and its automated digital marketing tool for listings, which uses, of course, Automated Digital Listing Marketing, but also uses Facebook Remarketing and Display Advertising. The study reveals how this tool works and its effectiveness, which helps provide a better understanding of how newer real estate marketing tech works and how agents and brokerages can leverage one tool for results.