How Machine Learning is Redefining Real Estate Search

Join Stefan and Andrew in a deep dive into Machine Learning.

Original Broadcasted: August 24th, 2016

By teaching computers how to interpret the visual world, multiple listing service photos are starting to unlock a treasure trove of listing data previously thought to be unavailable. While, historically, the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage primarily guides searches, these numbers may soon just be a starting point. 

What if other selection criteria could be the size of the backyard, the quantity of natural light, or the vastness of the view? Recent advancements now make it possible to analyze listing photos, automatically identify hundreds of new features, and provide thousands of additional data points, giving consumers the ability to search at a new and unheard of micro-level. Machine learning is unlocking home search in a way that no pre-2016 homebuyer has ever had. Find out how you can stay ahead of the latest innovation.

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