How to pick technology your agents will use

What’s left out of many technology conversations is a challenging fact: agent technology adoption ultimately determines the success of a product purchase by a brokerage or team. Getting agents to actually use technology, and to use it effectively, is a tricky thing to nail. As T3 Sixty covered in the 2017 Swanepoel Trends Report chapter, […]

Mapping real estate’s technology giants

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A wave of acquisitions has concentrated the real estate tech ecosystem into the arms of fewer and larger players. This has taken some third-party tech off the board for brokerages and agents, while other tech companies, either public or backed by private equity, have gotten bigger and closer to providing a full suite of services […]

How to cultivate a vibrant remote team culture

Over the last year, real estate companies have experienced significant shifts in many areas of their operations, not to mention the lives of their leaders and employees. One of the biggest changes has been the shift to remote work, which has deeply impacted company culture. It’s not easy to cultivate a healthy culture, and doing […]