Fair and equal treatment is unconditional

Like many of you, we feel an overwhelming sadness at the systemic racism that persists in our country, and in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, support the renewed urgency to address Black Lives Matter. We unequivocally believe in equal rights, equal protection and equal opportunities for all. The issues of discrimination and lack […]

IBuying after Covid-19

When the economy experiences stress and uncertainty, as it has done massively during the Covid-19 pandemic, all business models face challenges, but newer models usually face big challenges they have yet to establish secure profitable operations.   With the economic stress accompanying the recent pandemic, T3 Sixty evaluated the prospects of the iBuying business model […]

5 steps of a smart technical plan

Real estate, as all of us know, has increasingly become a technology-driven industry. As such, it is safe to say that all real estate organizations – brokerages, franchisors, real estate teams, MLSs, Realtor associations, even agents – should have a strong and well thought out technical plan. The scope, detail and goals of the plans […]