The proliferation of the ‘commission plus’ agent compensation model

The number of public real estate companies has exploded in recent years. This, along with the record investment pouring into the industry, has accelerated the introduction of new business models to the industry, such as iBuying, cloud-based, flat-fee and more, with each bringing different ways of compensating agents beyond the longstanding traditional commission split. The […]

How to choose the best brokerage back-office accounting technology platform

Back-office accounting systems are critical to brokerage operations. They are the literal engine that runs the company. T3 Sixty often refers to these systems not as “back-office” systems, but as “business operating systems,” as they play such a fundamental role in the management and operations of a brokerage. Many real estate brokerages have implemented off-the-shelf […]

The 6 critical KPIs brokerages must track

With Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, brokerages identify the key metrics that support the most important parts of their business, and then assess target goals for each metric and measure their performance against those targets. They are an integral component of a well-operated business. KPIs help brokerages focus on their most important operational metrics, assess […]