Inside the profitable team-structured brokerage business model

The team business model has spread like wildfire through the residential real estate brokerage industry in recent years. Tech companies and portals increasingly tailor their models to better serve them, Keller Williams Realty leveraged them to grow into the world’s largest real estate franchise, and a raft of newer brokerage models such as Redfin, eXp […]

The 4 biggest hiring pain points and how to overcome them

Finding and hiring the best people for your organization is critical to growing a vibrant company and fostering a productive culture. However, the process is not easy; it includes some common traps and pain points that companies must address to successfully find talent. In helping hundreds of companies find, select, and hire great talent, T3 […]

6 tips to build a strong budget

The prospect of creating a budget can feel a bit like that college term-paper – homework that you do not want to do. You know you need to do it, but you would rather do so many other things. Budgeting is an important task, and, if done with the right mindset, can be a fun […]