Real Estate Goes Public

For the last decade, finance has served as the primary driver of real estate’s rapid evolution into a mature, consolidating industry. It started with a great uptick in venture capital and Wall Street turning its eyes toward technology and then brokerage after the Great Recession. Zillow ushered in the recent public market wave when it […]

T3 Sixty’s annual MLS and local Realtor association scorecard results

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Every year, T3 Sixty conducts customer surveys on behalf of local Realtor associations and MLSs, which provide insights on how these organizations are performing, what users value, where the organizations excel and where they could use work and how their performance changes over time. For the 2021 edition of the report, T3 Sixty surveyed 10 […]

How to recruit the top agents in town

One of the fastest ways to increase market share is to recruit productive agents. However, there is no quick fix to recruiting top agents, or retaining top talent. It requires a focused approach on multiple levels. A successful process starts by reviewing the wants and needs of top agents in the target market and then […]