Tracking real estate brokerage and technology brand consolidation

Brokerage and technology companies, often with the backing of public markets or private equity, are broadening their market share and offerings to win in this new era of real estate competition, marked by industry giants. Acquirors apply different strategies toward the companies and brands they acquire. Sometimes they choose to keep acquired brands as separate […]

A business case for increasing diversity in real estate leadership

In the last year or two, real estate leaders are increasingly realizing that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a key area to focus on within their businesses. Striving for diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on equity is more than just a legal or moral requirement; it can also provide a competitive advantage. Diversity […]

Understanding real estate technology integrations

As real estate brokerages and teams increase their reliance on technology more each year, the ability to ensure that their tools from multiple vendors sync with each other becomes even more critical. Brokerages and teams need to be thinking about integrations because no one system they use has everything they need – there’s not one […]