The rise of the real estate business operating system

A new breed of brokerage company is emerging that does not operate brokerage services directly itself, but instead provides an operating system of sorts to entrepreneurial real estate agents that powers their growth. These companies provide operations, systems, technology, marketing and support to power the agents and their teams who partner with them into large, […]

Building the talent strategy for future business success

When companies think about their growth strategy, they tend to focus on the financial, operational and marketing strategies that drive long-term objectives. Many, however, overlook a key element in the sustaining success of their business: talent. The right talent strategy is just as crucial to driving future success as operations, marketing and finance. In fact, […]

How the growth of real estate’s largest companies outpaces others

Many in the industry see evidence that production, in particular sales volume, is increasingly concentrated among the largest firms. T3 Sixty’s latest Real Estate Almanac data released last week shows to what degree this is happening. The 2022 Corporations report, which analyzes the nation’s largest enterprises (also known as holding companies), franchise brands and franchisees […]