The true giants of residential real estate brokerage – The Enterprise 20

The big in residential real estate are getting bigger, taking a larger piece of the pie, and rapidly making the industry more concentrated, mature and consolidated, largely driven by outside investment. This has resulted in more public real estate brokerage and tech companies and overall bigger players. It’s easy to discuss and see the trend, […]

A data-backed way to assess homebuyer demand

In March, Bright MLS and T3 Sixty launched the Home Demand Index, which provides near real-time insight into homebuyer demand by geography, price point and home type for real estate professionals and consumers. The Index is now live across Bright’s Mid-Atlantic footprint, which covers over 95,000 real estate professionals and 20 million consumers in the […]

2021 trends in real estate investment

Real estate has seen outsized investment activity exploded from 2017 to 2019, but the pandemic significantly depressed funding activity in 2020, as it did in many industries. 2020 real estate funding across residential, commercial and mortgage decreased notably to just 46 percent of 2019 levels, but the pandemic is just one part of the story. […]