How the Tech 500 helps real estate firms and agents build a smart technology strategy

Brokers and agents have a vast pool of technology products and vendors to choose from and needs that differ based on business model, franchise affiliation and more. By first identifying over 270 of the industry’s leading tech solutions out of an estimated total of over 2,000, and then organizing them into specific sections and categories, […]

The ultimate real estate hiring process

One of the key components of building a company or a real estate team is acquiring and keeping talented people and one of the quickest ways to derail a company is to hire a poor fit. To hire smart for sustained growth requires learning and applying a proven process of attracting and hiring the right […]

As big brokerages get bigger, smaller brokerages react

The sales volume market share of the nation’s 20 largest real estate holding companies — which counts the production of both company-owned and franchised offices — jumped 6.83 percent from 2017 to 2019 to 52.79 percent, according to the enterprise section of the 2020 Real Estate Almanac. This big-getting-bigger trend is not a new phenomenon. […]