MLS Consolidation Workshop

Hosted by T3 Sixty’s MLS and Association specialists, the MLS Consolidation Workshop gives leaders of Realtor associations and MLS organizations the tools to evaluate a consolidation — whether you want to participate or avoid one. It also offers a process roadmap, recommendations and how to avoid costly mistakes.

You'll Learn

  • Why consolidation is such high demand. Learn the pros and cons of the most widely used MLS business models so you can manage your options and increase your chances of a successful consolidation.
  • Best practices. Know what has worked with other consolidations – and what didn’t. Learn the process of building trust with your potential new business partners so you can ask the right questions before taking next steps.
  • Your options. Learn about the best structure and governance solutions, and how to overcome the biggest three obstacles, making good choices before moving forward.

You'll Receive

  • The T3 Sixty MLS Consolidation Roadmap
  • The 70-page MLS Consolidation Workbook
  • Seven MLS Consolidation Checklists