State of the Industry, September 2019

Below is the video recording from the T3 Sixty webinar on September 12, 2019 on the state of the industry with Stefan Swanepoel, Jack Miller and Dean Cottrill. One of the key topics discussed was the iBuyer revolution and how professional investors are reshaping real estate. This topic, among others, will be analyzed in-depth in […]

T3 Fellows feedback: What is it like working with T3 Sixty?

In any leadership development program, it is important that the participants get the support they need in order to make big changes to their business and to themselves. In this video, we asked our most recent T3 Fellows class what it was like to work with T3 Sixty, and this is their response.

T3 Fellows feedback: What have you accomplished in T3 Fellows?

Accomplishments are an important measure of whether a program has been worthwhile. In this video, we asked our T3 Fellows participants to tell us about their accomplishments in the program, both for their business and for themselves as leaders. We think the results speak for themselves.

The five big levers to increase profit in your real estate business

Everybody wants a profitable business – and there are five fundamental ways to make any real estate business more profitable. In order to maximize your profit, you need to know and use them all, and incorporate them into your business planning, coaching, recruiting, marketing and support for your agents.   In this flash Webinar, Dean […]

Strategic Intent: The Difference Between Success and Failure

If you’re serious about the success of your real estate brokerage or team, you need to define your company’s “strategic intent.” It’s the second step in the T3 Fellows process, right after performing a competitive assessment. The strategic intent is your intended outcome and vision for the company. It helps leaders stay focused in the […]

Finding Shortcuts to Smart Growth

Matt Curtis

In many ways, Matt Curtis Real Estate was performing exceptionally well. The Huntsville, Alabama-based real estate brokerage was growing but Matt Curtis, the company’s owner, wanted to be sure it could continue its rapid rate of growth for years to come. As many brokerage and team leaders acknowledge, maintaining growth can become increasingly difficult as […]

The First 10 Things You Must Know About Your Competition

Building a modern, successful real estate brokerage is not an easy task. There are so many moving parts that require well-planned strategies and careful execution. The task is even more difficult when doing it on your own, without guidance from people who have walked that path before. The leaders at T3 Fellows have found that […]

Lindsay Dreyer: From “Midlife Crisis” to Significant Growth

Lindsay Dreyer, City Chic Real Estate

Lindsay Dreyer opened City Chic Real Estate in 2011, and things were going well. For the next few years she was able to maintain consistent but slow growth. She was actively selling, and she was figuring things out on her own. She was able to grow to 5 agents, but she was about to hit […]