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Tech Leaders Raised Over $336M in 2016

The Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200), the definitive ranking of residential real estate’s 200 most powerful leaders from the Swanepoel T3 Group, holds a mirror up to the industry, reflecting its

Real Estate Search Redefined

By teaching computers how to interpret the visual world, MLS photos are starting to unlock an enormous treasure trove of listing data that was previously unavailable.   While the number

VC Funding Transforming Real Estate Industry

The real estate brokerage business is one of America’s last cottage-type industries. In 2015, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimated the United States had roughly 2

Is Online Auctioneering a Viable Way to Sell?, the Internet’s largest seller of distressed properties with over $37 billion in sales and over 200,000 properties sold, rebranded in early 2016 as Ten-X. Powered by a $50 million

Rebuilding The Real Estate Enterprise

Stay Ahead of Your Competition Real estate software is changing fast. Legacy systems are being retired and replaced with flexible, interchangeable solutions that brokers, agents, and teams can use to

How Realtors® Can Learn from Global Portals

Buyers and sellers now have more options to promote their properties and to learn about the housing market they are interested in. You cannot allow your customers to know more

Awesome Tech Videos (2016)

A few months back we shared with you 10 innovative technology videos, ones that Stefan Swanepoel has been sharing in his Digital Disruptions presentations. Well, here are another 10 amazing

Riding the Cycle of Advertising Platform Hype

Why This Matters Now For agents that want growth, advertising provides an alternative to traditional industry prospecting techniques when used appropriately. For brokers that want to control some portion of

Bringing Predictive Analytics to Real Estate

What is Predictive Analytics? Predictive Analytics is the creation of data points that are indicative of a likely future event. A single predictive data point can create an immediate actionable

Smart Homes: Climate Control, Electricity Savings and More

Smart Energy The connected home will come into its own when it can enable similar experiences for mundane household objects, delivering additional value to end users: floor lamps that flash