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Real Estate Search Redefined

By teaching computers how to interpret the visual world, MLS photos are starting to unlock an enormous treasure trove of listing data that was previously unavailable.   While the number

VC Funding Transforming Real Estate Industry

The real estate brokerage business is one of America’s last cottage-type industries. In 2015, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimated the United States had roughly 2

Being Chief Hits a Homerun at the T3 Summit

Rick Miller knows what it means to be a leader. Not only is he a former president of two Fortune 30 companies, but today he is a mentor for many

Is Online Auctioneering a Viable Way to Sell?

Auction.com, the Internet’s largest seller of distressed properties with over $37 billion in sales and over 200,000 properties sold, rebranded in early 2016 as Ten-X. Powered by a $50 million

The Art of Solving Problems

The word Einstein has become a synonym for “brainy” and “intellectual”. Originating of course from Albert Einstein (1879-1955), the most famous scientists of our time and widely regarded as one

Negative Interest Rates – Navigating Uncharted Waters

The last three major real estate downturns had their roots in the financial sector. Even though properties experienced extraordinary deflation during each of these downturns, over time the markets recovered

Canada DANGER Report – What Americans Don’t Know

T3 Summit Canada During the course of the past week, real estate brokers and salespeople of Canada received their own analysis of risks and opportunities when the Canada Real Estate

T3 Summit is Sold Out!

Stay Ahead of Your Competition The 2016 T3 Summit is sold out. There is not a delegate seat available in the conference hall, nor is there a room available in

Rebuilding The Real Estate Enterprise

Stay Ahead of Your Competition Real estate software is changing fast. Legacy systems are being retired and replaced with flexible, interchangeable solutions that brokers, agents, and teams can use to

Spotlighting Trendsetters (Part 2)

In Spotlighting Trendsetters Part 2, we continue our series on spotlighting newcomers to the SP200 list of the Most Powerful People in Real Estate. For the full list visit www.sp200.com.